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About PaybyPoints

PaybyPoints enables merchants to accept Rewards Points as a payment mode for goods and services purchased by Card Holders*, redeemed instantly @POS. It also facilitates merchants to build loyalty among these Card Holders* by issuing Bonus Rewards Points for their purchases. It creates a great pull for the customers as they experience “The True Joy of Spending”, with instant gratification through real time conversion of points into currency.

*Applicable on participating Partners’ cards only

Our Participating Partners

Take a look at our esteemed banking and loyalty partners on PaybyPoints platform

  • payback
  • american express
  • axis bank
  • citibank

PaybyPoints gives merchants The Reach and The Opportunity to access premium customers of multiple loyalty reward programs on a single platform.

The potential to increase spends at the merchants’ outlet with PaybyPoints is HUGE.

team 1

Points Bank
` 3,000 Crores

team 1

Average Monthly
Contribution by Partners
` 50 Crores

team 1

Average Monthly
` 20 Crores

team 1

Reach to Customers
via Communications
300 Millions

team 1

Monthly Spends of
these Customers
` 12,200  Crores

team 1

Increase in Average
Ticket Size
upto 2x Times

Customer Engagement


  • SMS & Mailers
  • Web Banners
  • Outlet Listing on Website
  • Tactical Programs


  • In-store Communication
  • Chargeslip Promotion
  • Outlet Listing
  • Social Media


  • Billboards
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Outdoor Events

Key Benefits

Attract and Engage Card holders of multiple partners with a single platform
service 3

Customer Engagement via Reach to Partner's Customer Base

service 1

Seamless Reward Points Redemption @ POS

service 2

Incentivizing Customers to Spend More

service 4

Ready to Use Platform

service 5

BTL Communication

service 6

In-store Promotion & Social Media

Value Proposition

The plug and play solution at PaybyPoints comes to you with great values.

service 1

Single Aggregator for
Multiple Partners

service 3

Encourage Repeat Spending

service 3

In-store Visibility

service 3

Manage Marketing Calendar with Partners

service 3

Seamless Settlements & Collections

service 3

Tracking & Reporting

service 2

POS Implementation
& Training

service 3

Dedicated Relationship